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UPF 50+ Organic Flap Hat - Flap Happy

UPF 50+ Organic Flap Hat - Flap Happy

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Flap Happy UPF 50+ Organic Flap Hat:

The Original Flap Happy Organic Hat UPF 50+: Designed to provide excellent sun protection from damaging UV rays. We have 3 different signature design and this hat shields the face and the flap covers the ears and neck from the harsh rays of the sun with an elastic band to help fit snuggly around the head and the other two with a large brim to shade the face, ears, and neck. This hat looks terrific when paired with Flap Happy Swimwear or Playwear. Perfect for any outdoor or water activity and practical and good looking for every day of the year. Your child will love to wear this hat for its comfort. Available in an array of colors and fun prints. Makes a great gift!

Fabrication: 100% Organic Cotton

Care Instructions: Machine Wash, Cold. 

Made in the US and/or imported. 

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