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Greige Towel - Morihata

Greige Towel - Morihata

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Morihata Greige Towel:

An especially soft, plush style featuring a cubic display of subdued pastel shades

Taking its name from a melding of "grey" and "beige," the Greige Towel is considerably more interesting than either, with shades of warm, cool, and neutral colors displayed in a modern cubist arrangement across the towel's thick, downy surface. Its muted palette helps this textile's otherwise eye-catching design blend into a variety of settings, and with a texture akin to our amazingly soft Palette Towel, the Greige line is perfectly suited to those with sensitive skin.

Materials: 100% organic cotton
Washcloth (S): 14.15" L x 13.4" W
Hand Towel (M): 31.5" L x 13.4" W
Bath Towel (L): 51.2" L x 27.55" W
Care: Machine wash on the gentlest setting using cold water and a mild detergent, preferably in a mesh laundry bag to avoid pulling. Avoid bleach or fabric softeners. Hang or tumble dry low. Do not stretch when wet.
Imabari, Japan

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