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Valobra Bar Soap - Bigelow

Valobra Bar Soap - Bigelow

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Bigelow Valobra Bar Soap:

Handmade in Genoa, Italy, since 1903, the base of all Valobra soaps is made of just three ingredients: soda, coconut oil, and tallow. Essential oils, functional ingredients, and moisturizing creams are then added to nourish and moisturize the skin. Each soap matures for at least two months, then is rolled four times to achieve the perfect consistency. They are then pressed into a perfect ovoid - an intentionally designed ideal ergonomic shape for a bar of soap - nestling seamlessly in the palm of the hand, allowing for a pleasant grip that releases a fragrant, dense lather before they are hand packaged with care.


Primula from the Italian cult brand Valobra is a superfatted, extremely gentle soap. In a superfatted soap, additional oils are added to sooth and restore dry and itchy skin. Rice oil and a blend of vitamins gently cleanses and soften the skin. Fragranced with floral notes of primrose petals, lavender and geranium.  


Valobra Lattuga soap, with its Corn Oil cream and Lettuce extract, provides complete and thorough cleansing (even removing makeup) without irritating the skin. Particularly suitable for delicate skin. Its fragrance is fresh and delicate, with the soft touch of Lavender encountering notes of White Musk and powder to create a fresh, aromatic atmosphere.


Valobra Reseda soap is infused with wheat germ oil cream to soothe and nourish dry skin. Suitable for all skin types, it is best in the cold, winter months. A comforting scent with a light sweetness which, when combined with lavender's light freshness, recreates an enchanting, retro idyll.


Pratolina from the Italian cult brand Valobra contains Lecitin and vitamins that together with almond oil makes this soap suitable for all skin types. Fragranced with wildflowers from the alpine landscape, rose, powdery Iris and woody notes.


Valobra Assoluta soap is infused with shea butter cream, ideal for soft, velvety skin. A rich, powdery fragrance with aromatic notes of geranium and rose on a foundation of patchouli. An extraordinary experience that involves all the senses. 


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