My Mini Bath Plouf - Corolle

My Mini Bath Plouf - Corolle

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Corolle My Mini Bath Plouf:

The Mini Bath By the Sea set includes a mini bath doll, a rain slicker and a boat. The doll  has hand painted brown eyes that look to the left, vinyl arms, legs and head, and a soft body.

Rather than using traditional white watermarked cloth for the doll body, there is a new decorated cloth for the doll body. This gives the doll a dressed look, even though it is not really wearing an outfit.

So, the aqua body with the happy whale on the chest is actually part of the doll. Put on the rain slicker to protect the doll from the stormy seas or rough bath tub waters. And, the doll can sail the seven seas in the red plastic boat.

The mini bath doll can be used in the water or on dry land.