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Golden Incense Blend - Soul Space

Golden Incense Blend - Soul Space

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Soul Space Home Incense Blend:

Notes of Palo Santo, Pine, Copal, and Rose.

Crafted for the palo santo lovers. This unique blend of palo santo, pine, copal, and rose is an escape to the woods on a sunny afternoon. Let Golden guide you in inspiring creativity or whenever you need a little extra energy and inspiration. This fan favorite blend is grounding, welcoming, and always a good idea. Experience the beauty and power of this sacred wood with Golden Incense.

At a recommended teaspoon of incense per use, a container will last 30-40 usages. Contains resins, plants, woods, and essential oil.

Loose incense does not have a burn time like traditional incense sticks or candles. As long as you have the tealight candle lit you will experience a scent. The scent will naturally be stronger in the beginning but will linger for hours. There is no official “end” and the incense dose not burn or produce any ash.

2.5 fl oz container

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