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Mudpie San Francisco

Floppy Dog - Uniche

Floppy Dog - Uniche

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Uniche Floppy Dog:

The funny and freaky characters in the "floppy animals" range are the perfect environmentally-friendly toy for any age. Smaller children will adore the 20 cm (8 in) and 30 cm (12 in) ones. They are made entirely of sustainably-produced cotton plush, and can safely be sucked or chewed. Our brown bear, 30cm was rated "Sehr gut" by Ökotest The 40 cm (16 in) designs are made for older children. We use sustainably-produced cotton and high-quality long-staple mohair that can easily be combed. A trusty companion from childhood on - for an entire lifetime.
Product number: Y21814
Dimensions: 240x110x270mm
Weight: 0.16kg or 0.26 kg
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