Discovery Kit - Plant-Based

Discovery Kit - Plant-Based

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100% plant-based

This set includes:


2.0 oz melting balm cleanser

with kalahari melon seed oil & coconut oil

A sweet and simple way to end the day for baby and momma

With fewer steps and less fuss, our Lullaby Melting Balm Cleanser helps you speed things up without rushing so you can savor the final moments of the day.

The melting cleansing balm is a sweet and fresh way to clean baby’s skin. As a natural massage gel + gentle milk cleanser + moisturizer in one, this plant-based formula cleanses baby’s skin while providing long-lasting moisturization. Apply to dry skin and watch as the soothing massage gel transforms into a gentle cleansing milk when baby is placed in bathwater, creating a nourishing milk bath. Unlike soaps and foamy cleansers that strip the skin, this oil-based formula deeply nourishes, leaving the skin lusciously soft and hydrated. Designed by our founder - an organic skincare formulator and momma of four - the Melting Balm Cleanser was specially made for baby’s sensitive microbiome and skin barrier, with no preservatives, fragrances or essential oils.

  • 3-in-1 balm for massage, cleansing, and moisturization
  • Unique formula melts from balm to cleansing milk in water
  • Specially formulated for sensitive skin that can not tolerate foamy soap
  • Momma can use as a face cleanser and gentle, light makeup remover


Winner of the BEST BABY LOTION
Beauty Shortlist @beautyshortlist

sweet whispers

1.7 oz hydrating face & body lotion

with nilotica shea butter & sea buckthorn fruit oil

Prepare your skin for a restful night’s sleep

Dry skin has met its match! Our Sweet Whispers Hydrating Face & Body Lotion is the perfect moisturizer after a warm bath or shower for baby, big kids and adults. The key ingredient, nilotica shea, provides superior moisturization, as it is enriched with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and powerful antioxidants. We’ve paired it with soothing Kalahari melon seed oil, nourishing sea buckthorn fruit oil, and hydrating apricot kernel oil to create a touchably soft formula that’s packed full of omega 3, 6, and 9.

This lotion is perfect for sensitive skin because it has a gentle plant-based preservative system and matches the pH of the skin. It fully absorbs into the skin leaving a silky after-feel. A hint of fine, sweet french lavender aroma calms the senses, getting you and your little one to get ready for bed.

  • Moisturizing, hydrating and skin-softening
  • Lightweight, silky texture and soothing lavender aroma
  • Helps maintain skin’s healthy pH
  • Momma can use as a face moisturizer and nourishing hand lotion

peace of mind

0.5 oz protective balm

with cupuaçu butter & pracaxi oil

Our Peace of Mind Protective Balm is here to the rescue. This vegan formula is powered with rich doses of cupuaçu butter and pracaxi oil. Cupuaçu butter is sometimes called vegetable lanolin because it can retain over 400% of its weight in water, and pracaxi oil is used to soothe scorpion bites, so imagine what it can do for your baby’s red bottom! This balm is also great for a pregnant momma’s stretching skin.

  • Helps soothe and soften dry and sensitive skin by locking in moisture
  • Smooth, buttery texture and warm vanilla aroma
  • Use on baby’s diaper area, knees and elbow, feet and hand.  
  • Momma can use on dry hands and cuticles; expecting mommas can use as a belly balm