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Backpack - Powell Craft

Backpack - Powell Craft

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A perfect backpack for little ones to take along to nursery or school. 

It has thick adjustable straps for a comfortable fit and a zipped front pocket for convenience.

PU material. Size: H33 X W28 X D10 CM


One magical print has unicorns, rainbows, and stars in pastel hues against a white background.  The backpack has complimenting pink zips, lining and a canvas loop to hang the bag up.


The dinosaur print is one of our customer favourites; t-rex, triceratops, and stegosaurus run riot through vegetation and palm trees. The backpack has contrasting dark green coloured zips, lining and a canvas loop to hang the bag up.

Cat and Dog:

You don’t have to choose between cats and dogs with our cute, printed PU backpack. Mischievous little pets wearing sou’wester hats and raincoats are depicted in a rainy-day scene with puddles and flying umbrellas. The blue background of the print looks fantastic with the contrasting mustard zips, lining and canvas loop to hang the bag up.


There’s no need to worry about the forecast with our cute weather print. The motifs include a happy sun surrounded by rays, a pink cloud with colourful raindrops, and a rainbow on fluffy clouds against a lilac-blue background. It has contrasting sunny yellow zips, lining and a canvas loop to hang the bag up.

Enchanted Forest:

Against a mid-blue background, our detailed enchanted forest print is truly magical. There are so many wonderful forest creatures to spot in the scene – rabbits, deer, badgers, and barn owls are depicted with flowers, acorns, strawberries, blackberries, and toadstools. The backpack has contrasting coral pink coloured zips, lining, and a canvas loop to hang the bag up. 


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