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Alby Bee - Myum Toys

Alby Bee - Myum Toys

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Myum Toys Alby Bee:

Alby the bee vibrates when the mechanism is triggered.
What to calm and occupy baby ...

Friends of the vegetable garden are made to educate children about small insects and animals in the garden and to help them not be afraid of them ...

This toy is suitable for babies, girls or boys, from birth. It is handmade to hook. Its texture awakens the senses and its form is created to make babies aware of nature.

It is an original birth gift!

Suitable for babies (0+).
Size: 16*13*6 cm
Composition: - Outside, 100% organic cotton
- interior, 100% cotton flower
- Vibrating mechanism
Maintenance: Machine washable (30 °)
Works without battery

Did you know ? The bees see colors that we do not see. They perceive the ultraviolet, which allows them to better distinguish the shape of the flowers and especially their heart, where the soilly sought-after pollen is.

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