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Three Martini Playdate

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Ever since the enlightened days of child-centred parenting, its been the kids of the house who have ruled the roost. Parents are the down-trodden providers whose role it is to 'hot-house' and pamper their little darlings, to become the brain surgeons and NASA scientists of the next generation. But enough is enough. It's time to fight back. And with the help of this handy little instructional manual, parents everywhere will learn the benefits of the three-martini playdate. Author Christie Mellor's hilarious, personal, refreshing, and actually quite useful advice delightfully rights the balance between parent and child. In dozens of short, wickedly funny chapters, such as 'Child Labour: Not Just for the Third World' and 'Bedtime: Is Five-Thirty P.M. to Early?', Mellor skewers today's parental absurdities and reminds us how to make child-rearing fun again. With recipes, helpful hints and illustrations, this high-spirited book is the only guide parents will really need - and enjoy.